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Integrated Design and Collaboration Center (IDC2)​


The IDC2 is an incubator for concepts, technical maturation, missions, and other structured ideation in a facilitated collaborative environment.


  1. Encourage research and technology, design, focused studies, and concurrent engineering uses
  2. Encourage proposal development
  3. Support professional development
  4. Effectively utilize digital enhancement
  5. Rapid prototype development


  • Dedicated uninterrupted focus
    • Undistracted and undiluted
    • Full immersion in decision-making environment
  • SME access
    • Standout subject-matter experts (technical and programmatic)
    • NASA LaRC experts matrixed from across the Center
    • Communication & collaboration on technical, programmatic, and organizational development.
  • Facilities and Facilitation
    • Optimized for pace and interactions during session
    • Hands-on leading and instruction
  • Efficient & Effective Methodologies
    • Clear, reliable, understood preparation and session methods for increased productivity and time savings
    • Concrete, relevant lessons learned from NASA LaRC prior concepts, proposals, and feedback.

Capabilities and Services

IDC2 Capabilities:

  • 3-D Printing
  • Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality (AR/VR)
  • Communication Tools
  • Cost/Schedule/Risk Assessment Tools
  • Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE)
  • Technology Readiness Assessment Insight Tool (TRAIT)
  • Large Meeting Room with Multimedia Center

IDC2 Services:

  • Coordination and planning assistance
  • Dedicated Lead Systems Engineer
  • Development and delivery of customer defined end products
  • Facilitation/Moderation
  • Large Meeting Room with  Multimedia Center
  • Technical Subject Matter Experts
  • Development and delivery of customer defined end products

Fully Funded for Internal LaRC  Customers through FY-23.


Concurrent engineering design centers depend on a specialized and unique set of tools for outstanding efficiency and productivity.

  • Concurrent Collaboration Tools: Data exchange platforms, in-lab audiovisual tools, remote presence tools, Kanban Boards
  • Engineering Tools: System level tools, subsystem and discipline design tools (parametric sizing and estimation tools, analysis, and modeling and simulation tools), and engineering databases
  • Technology Readiness Assessment and Insight Tool (TRAIT)
  • Customer Interface and Data Transfer Tools:  Support personnel assignment tools, shared use repositories, Teams
  • Lab Management Tools: IT and web tools, procedure, administrative, procurement, and financial support tools
  • Programmatic Tools: Parametric and grassroots costing tools, scheduling tools and risk tools

Facility Overview

Facility Overview

IDC2 Location

  • Building 2102, Room 209
  • Second floor of the Integrated Engineering Services Building (IESB)

IDC2 Facility Technological Amenities

  • Multiple workstations to support individual assessments
  • Two large screens in the front and two on the side of the room for projecting multiple displays
  • High quality audio and video conferencing for remote participants
  • 14 wall mounted white boards and a smart board station

Technology upgrade is in the works for 2023!!!

Our Expert Team

  • IDC2 Host Supervisor: Lisa Rippy
  • IDC2 Working Group Lead: Suzy Maddock
  • IDC2 Coordinator: Anissa Proctor
  • IDC2 Full Time Facilitator: Andrew Hunt
  • IDC2 Dedicated LSE: Kurt Woodham (acting)

How do I schedule an IDCSession?

When can I use it?

  • The IDC2 is available beginning January 2023.
  • Type of project session requested influence how quickly this capability can be used.

How long can I use it?

  • Depending on the type of session, the IDC2can be used anywhere from 3-5 days and across multiple sessions.
  • For an advanced concept session, a 6-week minimum lead time is needed to adequately prepare for the session. This includes securing subject-matter experts, pre-work, and preparations needed prior to the session.

Who do I contact?

Request a Session

IDC2 Request Form
How would you characterize your effort?
Has this effort, or similar effort, been conducted previously in the Design Studio or at another Center (either by you or others)?
For follow-up, please list all Session Points of Contact, including name (first and last), e-mail address, and respective role.



  1. Center Capability no longer housed in the directorates
  2. Fully funded through FY23
  3. Broadens the application of the IDC2 studies
  4. Continued support of Proposal Development, Mission Architectures, and Design Studies.
  5. Expanded use for Project lifecycle execution support, Risk mitigation, Integrated Tiger Teams, mishap reviews, Integrated business planning, Workforce Planning and review panels across all center Directorates


“To be honest, we made more progress over the 2-day session than we have the previous two-months.”

–Nick Trombetta, LLBI on PLUMES Sensor Project Manager

“There is great value in having team members in the same room, engaging in a back-and-forth discussion, then silence from big virtual meetings.”

–Barmac Taleghani, LSMS Project Manager