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About the Engineering Design Studio

The Engineering Design Studio (EDS) at NASA Langley Research Center (NASA LaRC) is a human and technology resource that provides a collaborative engineering facility and team for projects in all phases of design, from concept to flight. Skilled engineers and scientists utilize the EDS’s collaborative process and tools to produce detailed space mission, remote sensing instrument, and/or technology application designs. The Engineering Design Studio allows members of a design team to come together for real-time design development in an integrated environment, where the methods for connecting their analyses and design methods are well formulated and well understood. The facility currently houses twelve high-end computer stations with software tools used by the discipline experts, projectors and audio-visual equipment to allow up to sixteen PC displays to be visualized on the wall simultaneously. For a Principal Investigator or Project Manager looking to bring a study to EDS, please submit the study request form. For background on how to prepare for an EDS session, please review the EDS Operating Manual. If you are interested in seeing our facilities, stop on by! We are located inside NASA’s Langley Research Center in the Integrated Engineering Services Building: Building 2102, Room 209 on West Taylor Street. For more information or to request an EDS session please visit the Internal LaRC EDS site.
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Lisa Rippy

Systems Engineering & Engineering Methods Branch Head
The EDS Team working with HoloLens technology
The EDS team working with virtual reality software The EDS team working with on-site 3-D printers
The EDS Team working with augmented reality