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STED Structures and Materials Workshop

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Date(s) - 16/11/2015
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

EDS, IESB Room 209


lead: David Dress

From Keith Belvin – Assumptions to guide workshop outcome:

1) Assume the product will be given to the S&M Principal Technologist in STMD to guide development of a Strategic Investment Plan (STP)

2) Propose 3-5 Key Capability Goals:

a. Exemplars:

i. EDL

1. High Mass to Mars Surface

2. High Speed Planetary Probes/Earth Return

3. Precision Landing and Hazard Avoidance

4. EDL Data and Model Improvement

ii. Robotics and Autonomy

1. Robotic and Systems Autonomy

2. Extreme Terrain Mobility

3. Caretaker Robots – Astronaut Assistants

4. Wearable Cognitive Systems

3) For each Capability Goal,

a. Provide a description

i. What new missions will be enabled? Which MD(s) has the driving need

ii. Why is the technology/capability needed?

iii. What kinds of technologies are needed to create the capability?

b. Capability Challenge – Why is it hard?

c. Current SOA and what is the industry/OGA landscape

d. When is the capability needed?

e. Why is this the right time to develop the technology/capability?

4) As time permits, begin thinking about what projects should be done across the TRL spectrum and across the nine STMD programs. Acquisition Strategy – competed, intramural, SBIR, NSTRF, … etc. Time phase the projects in 2-3 year efforts.

We do not have any written request from Jurz. Merely a verbal that says “Langley you should own S&M” Bring us some good ideas and projects. STMD is preparing a strategic investment plan. Drafts are being formed now and they hope to complete by end of Feb. The above format will directly insert into their on-going work.