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OAAN Planning Meeting

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Date(s) - 26/03/2015
2:00 PM - 2:45 PM




  1. Set Goal for EDS session in April
    1. List Major Products (see below)
  2. Identify resources required, staffing
      • Modeling magnetic fields from geometry
      • Structural analyst
  3. Should we use OneNote or Jira/Confluence?
    1. copy recent relevant docs to OneNote for real-time work during EDS
    2. final docs go back to Jira
  4. Set Schedule
    1. Original April 14th to 16th
    2. 0830 – 1700
    3. Luke to confirm moving forward or push back to July/August for detailed system design dession


  • Potential Products
    • Rapid design of the docking mechanism
      • Threshold functions
        • latching and unlatching from a distance of +-1.5cm
      • Additional Features
        • Integrated power transfer
        • fluid transfer
      • Constraints on design
        • limiting the stray field, electromagnetic shielding 
        • limit disturbance torque on the spacecraft
        • limit magnitude of varying magnetic fields to prevent potential interaction with ADS
        • package in 50mm by 30mm cylinder (DxH)
      • Expertise required to be recruited
        • Modeling magnetic fields from geometry
        • Structural analyst
      • Expertise already on team
        • Electrical
        • Mechanisms
        • Software
        • GNC
    • Produce a solution to allow Emulation of CDGPS on flat-floor
      • Emulate the CDGPS sensing data products in a laboratory environment
      • Functions
        • Sensing cubesat position
        • sensing cubesat orientation
        • replicating error margins of cdgps technology
      • What sensor options are available (camera, sound, rf beacons)? Which one to use?
  • Suggests pushing the EDS out in order to use it to work a complete system design.
    • May push to july or august
  • May need to do a proposal formulation activity for CSLI in September or October