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Habitat Planning Meeting

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Date(s) - 27/02/2015
1:30 PM - 2:30 PM



Attendees: Samantha Infeld, Pat Troutman, Matt Simon, Dave Goggin

Goal: find the right people, right questions to start advanced habitat concepts at Langley

Langley as the place for future TRL; Develop the concept at Langley. Future project, not now project.

Objective: draft concept of habitat (multiple?), strategy for who and how of development and how to get big advancement by breaking from heritage (roadmap for developing capability)

  • Sketch of rough concept
  • Concept of operations
  • Top-level architecture
  • Roadmap (identify where and who for each part of development)

Draft Agenda: March 17-19

Day 1 – lay out people and concepts

Use human architecture team workshop information, look at parameters and characteristics needed to create a habitat (with particular assumptions). Gaps identified by comparing these designs to heritage approach – technology, assumptions that can be changed, different modes of operation.

Brainstorm after each presentation

Day 2 – access data and other expertise, starting drafting a feasible habitat and conops

Day 3 – play with models to finalize design and ops concept

(Keith has a more thorough draft agenda)

Team: materials, radiation, vehicle layout….Keith has more on this too

Might add an official SE to produce conops, architecture, NGOs if no one already on team can focus on these duties — probably from Space Mission Analysis branch, or secondarily SE branch

Facilitator – Dave Goggin, SEDocumentation – Matt Kowalski


Item Person
Create and move templates to EDS server study folder Samantha
Send Samantha, Dave, and Matt the draft EDS agenda and roster Keith
Give team access to study folder Matt K
One-note template tailoring Matt K (input from Matt S)
Schedule Pre-Work Meeting for March 9 Dave G