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Advanced Habitation Systems Deep Dive

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Date(s) - 17/11/2015 - 18/11/2015
8:00 AM - 5:30 PM

EDS, IESB Room 209


Doug Craig (Mars Reference lead) at headquarters is the decision-maker on the goals and approach

Lynn Bowman is study lead

Matt Simon is project (program?) engineer and is not available until October. He might take over as study lead if he has enough time to devote to managing EDS preparations.


  • Evolvable Mars Campaign has developed long-duration habitat concepts to enable Mars missions

Initial assumptions

Parametric designs – mass volume, power, capability targets

  • Desire to vet these designs with the Agency habitation design and capability development communities


  • Bring together AES projects, SMTs, EMC Habitat team, and Future Capabilities Team
  • Kickoff workshop and follow-on biweekly tagups to work actions
  • Answer:

Is a reusable, 1100 day habitat meeting the EMC mass, volume, and power targets viable? If so what are the most reasonable/cost effective combination of capabilities to achieve these targets?

Can this habitat be delivered in <18 ton pieces for Mars surface missions?

What is the minimum required testing necessary to validate that the identified capabilities and systems are ready to go to Mars?

Are current capability development/testing efforts aligned with these?

  • Refine requirements and capability test plans