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ACE Planning Meeting

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Date(s) - 01/09/2015
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM


ACE Planning Meeting 9/1/15

Marty, Kerry, Samantha

Atmospheric Coupling Explorer

Heliophysics Explorer class opportunity – AO next year (no earlier than 3rd quarter), draft AO in January

Pegasus (Athena new option?) (~70 kg payload is max)

s/c that fits in LV

$125M + launch vehicle budget cap


Make decision whether to go forward with proposal in January, with enough time to gather team.

Can we include 2 instruments in budget and s/c and L/V?

If doesn’t fit – size for Solar terrestrial probes, competed in 2017

Or…SDL instrument (MASTER) – alone for mission of opportunity


Deliverables (TBR):

  • Feasible spacecraft concept (drawing, subsystem descriptions, high level MEL)
  • Mission ops outline (diagram/graphic)
  • Rough WBS/schedule?
  • Parametric cost
  • Top risks list



Look at potential for Surrey or other commercial s/c first, but design as needed for smallest/lightest. Still want the concept completed if it doesn’t fit in Pegasus.


MASTER is main instrument – SABER next gen. Exact same for optics, electronics/thermal updated (smaller and lighter), no baffle and consequential supports because optics can handle off-pointing


APL instrument is potential 2nd – Terahertz Limb Sounder (TLS) instrument, being built at JPL. No drawings.

What do we need to know from JPL?

Mass, power, volume, thermal interface, data rate

Cryocooler on master instrument; another needed for TLS? Or thermal link?

Precessing orbit

S/C has an attitude requirement to keep mirror scanning at a particular rate



3 day week of 9/21 – Tuesday-Thursday or Wednesday-Friday



ACE (customer) team

Marty – PI

Paul – project engineer

SDL – will send 2 or 3 people for MASTER

APL – Sam (maybe others) to represent TLS

Sam to get contact so we can call into JPL for questions he can’t answer

GATS – Larry Gordley (long time collaborator), for algorithms and s/c accommodations

EDS Study Team

Facilitator – Vip or Samantha


SEDoc – Kerry or Matt (may need both to fully cover)










Pre-work Actions:

Paul/Marty – Put instrument drawings on EDS folder: (2015-09)_ACE

Sam (APL) – get contact so we can call into JPL for questions he can’t answer

Marty – For TLS through APL, Get Mass, power, volume, thermal interface, data rate